Rudolph is Coming to Omaha! + Some Truly Awesome Christmas Movies You Need To See

I am anxiously awaiting Saturday’s arrival when Chuck and I will be going to see Rudolph at the Orpheum Theatre. And I’m talking Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, like in the Rankin/Bass Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! That Christmas special is one of my all-time favorites and to see it brought to life, with my man, at the Orpheum Theatre, during the holiday season, while possibly going to Genji first, seriously has me feeling like Little Sarah who couldn’t fall asleep the night before a trip to Six Flags. I CANNOT wait.

Tickets are still available! You can learn more about the show + purchase tickets here!


Look at this promotional shot! So awesome!

Having this in my plans, and just the season in general, has me binge watching all of my favorite Christmas specials. Since I’ve been watching these and talking about them, I’ve found that not many people have heard of them -let alone seen them! These movies are the best and should be viewed by all so I would like to present to you my very favorite —

The Leprechaun’s Christmas Gold

I discovered this amazing show at the age of 7 when I was looking for a movie to rent at the library (how adorable). It blew my mind then and it still does today. It’s just so cute and so different for a Christmas special. The movie brings together a young man, some leprechauns and a banshee – sounds terrifying (and it kind of  was when I was 7) but it’s just really cool.

Read about it here!Watch it here! 

The Christmas Toy

I was six months old when I fell in love with this perfect movie. It’s a Jim Henson special so some of the voices have that comfortable familiarity and it just has that very Christmas-y feeling. I was super excited to show this to Lucy because she is really into Sesame Street so I thought she’d dig this. She didn’t. Well, she kind of liked it but she is definitely more into Elmo (Now, Lucy is a cinephile with strong tastes so please don’t let her lack of enthusiasm for this film deter you from watching!)

Read about it here! + Watch it here!

Jack Frost

(no, not the one with the dad as the snowman)

OK, this is kind of the monster of all Christmas movies for me. I feel like I watched this every day when I was like 12/13. One distinct memory was watching it after going to the dentist while I ate a cheese pan pizza from Pizza Hut. And that was like when Pizza Hut was super bomb, like I don’t know what changed but Pizza Hut tastes different. I digress.

In my high school days, I would make my friends watch the movie and to make sure they paid attention, they would be given a multiple choice exam after (yes, I wrote it). Ha! I wonder if my friends remember that. I guess I’ve always been trying to spread the word about this one!

One more thing, and I’m not even joking. I was looking at some pictures from my wedding day while I was on my honeymoon and I saw that I had somehow managed to subconsciously become the bride from my favorite movie.

sarahs iphone 1111copy.jpg

Yes, I Instasized this on my honeymoon. And yeah…the only resemblance MAY be the hair and veil. I see that.

Oh! And I have the movie memorized, but I guess that was probably a given  🙂

Read about it here! + Watch it here!

Has anyone seen any of these and also have strong opinions? Know of any other random claymation/puppet shows? Please, share!


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