An Omaha Ghost Story: Prospect Hill Cemetery

I really love a good ghost story and it’s crazy when you research and see that Omaha and the surrounding areas have a good amount of well-known haunted places. This is one of those places.

Prospect Hill Cemetery, located at 33rd and Parker


With its first burial in 1858, Prospect Hill is one of Nebraska’s oldest cemeteries. I have always been interested in this cemetery because of its age and famous residents. It has a large population of people who influenced this city and lent their names to our streets and institutions. Some of the notable citizens buried at Prospect Hill include Poppleton, Krug, Lake, Hanscom and Anna Wilson. After taking the class History of Omaha at UNO, my mom and I would walk among the tombstones trying to find the famous resting spots of the people I had just studied. I didn’t know it at the time but they have an actual map for a walking tour – so cool!

With its age, dilapidated tombstones and unsettled ground, the cemetery really screams “spooksville”. I always wondered if there were any freaky stories and I just recently found out that, yeah, there is an incredibly freaky story associated with the cemetery!

The story goes…Back in 1874, one of two brothers who worked and stayed at a shop located directly next to the cemetery stepped out of his door and looked out over the cemetery. Soon after, he saw a woman in white floating in the cemetery. The story goes that once he met her stare, she floated over towards him as he ran back into the house to tell his brother. Both brothers returned outside and both men saw the woman as she continued to approach the house.

According to the brothers, the ghost actually came into the house and as she entered through the front door she blew out their light. They then ran out of the house and went to go grab another person, their boss who lived right next to the shop. Once they grabbed their boss and went outside, they saw the ghost AGAIN and this time they say that she actually HIT their boss on his back and asked WHERE HER CHILDREN WERE…AND IF THEY WERE BURIED IN THAT TOMB! (what. the. heck. that. is. scary.)

The ghost then went into the boss’ house, blew out the light in that house and all men jumped out the window to escape her. The story also goes that one of the brothers actually shot at the ghost (to no avail, of course) and that she then floated back into the graveyard where she disappeared over a grave.

The brothers claimed that the ghost appeared to them again the next night and it is said that they spent the night, away from their shop and the ghost, for the next two nights.

This story is in fact very creepy, but what makes it even creepier is that it was a story that was actually DOCUMENTED IN A NEWSPAPER! I know a lot of people tell ghost stories but it always seems to raise the bar when there’s actually media interest. Grant it, back in 1874 they might not have had the plethora of news stories that we have today (remember, the Kardashians weren’t around back then!), but the fact that this story made the paper really adds an element of truth- or at the very least, what the brothers knew was their truth.


Check this out – it’s an article that appeared in the pages of The Omaha Bee , an early-Omaha newspaper.

Here’s the actual article – “A Mysterious ‘Woman in White’ Flirting (?) Around in Prospect Hill Cemetery”

I would highly recommend not letting this story stop you from exploring and admiring the historical grounds of Prospect Hill Cemetery. If you like history, and especially Omaha history, this is a must-see place. For real.

For more information on Prospect Hill, please check out the cemetery’s website.

Have a scary Omaha tale you’d love to share? Comment below – we’d love to hear it! 




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